A Little Birdy Told Me

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There’s a post over at Brand New showcasing the new Twitter logo design. Staff reaction seems to be positive, while comments are mixed about whether ol’ Larry—Larry the Bird, get it?—was all that bad compared to the new TwitterBird. Some commenters enjoyed the goofier, more cartoonish logo as opposed to the more streamlined revision, an opinion I share if only for the personality present in the old logo. Sure, the new logo looks clean and has pleasing arcs that are a lot easier on the eyes. Poor Larry’s head is pretty clunky, with a profile so poor you don’t even need an aerodynamics degree to tell that he’s less of an agile swift and more of a chatty parakeet.

Isn’t that kind of the point, though? Twitter’s not exactly known for its long, well-reasoned essays. I do like the new logo, but the self-deprecatory, tongue-in-cheek nature of Larry as an icon was kind of refreshing. It’s like if the “Looney Tunes” logo was set in blackletter with all the music and cartoony animation intact. It’s still fun, but not in the same way.

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