30-Day Drawing Challenge #03: Favorite Food

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I have to admit that this one came about primarily through time restrictions. Broccoli is certainly my favorite vegetable, but favorite food? I dunno, that’d have to go to steak salad or maybe a San Francisco Mission-style burrito… like I mentioned before, I have a lot of favorites. Anyway, by the time I came home and settled in after a fine day out with friends, I had a half-hour to sketch, upload, and comment on my work. It took me about 20 minutes to do this piece digitally in Photoshop, strictly from memory. I suppose I could have just looked what a broccoli floret looks like, but hey, I’ve seen enough of them to get across the general idea.

Although I’ve done a lot of vector work in Illustrator, my work in Photoshop is honestly pretty scant. This is about the third biggest project I’ve done with a tablet ever, so I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. Remembering that there are functions like “copy & paste” and “blur” made this pretty easy to do, though originally I was painting the highlights on those buds one at a time!

Here’s how the layers are ordered, along with a summary of how it came together. Click the image to see a bigger version.

  1. On a black background, I sketched out the basic outline
  2. Main shadows
  3. Secondary shadows
  4. Tertiary shadows
  5. Highlights
  6. Once all the elements were together, I used a speckled brush to erase for texture at the edges
  7. A little blur at the edges to make the focused area “pop,” and it’s done

Saute over very high heat with minced garlic and salt until tendercrisp!

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