The Dark Knight Rises predictions

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I liked Batman Begins but thought The Dark Knight was a big overrated letdown. I don’t even go to see movies terribly often, but I just feel like The Dark Knight Rises is going to be more of the same. And keeping with the whole comic-book inspiration, I feel like it’s going to be terribly predictable. Whenever I get around to seeing this movie on DVD (or reading a synopsis of it) I will be at least impressed if none of the following happens:

  1. Batman’s back gets broken by Bane
  2. Batman dies
  3. Batman has a successor in a “Robin” or another Batman
  4. Batman kills Bane and regrets it somehow

I dunno, just thought I’d get these thoughts out because I totally called Assassin’s Creed III being set in colonial America, but didn’t bother writing it down.

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  1. Safina
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    but dark man rises has catwoman

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