30-Day Drawing Challenge #26: Something You Don’t Like

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“Arr, I hate the sea and everything in it.”

—Captain McAllister, The Simpsons

OK, I don’t “hate” the sea and everything in it, but I don’t like seafood (for that flavor of the sea it always has) and I’m not much of a beach person. I do think sailing ships are impressive, but only those so big that you can’t feel the waves. The way I see it (no pun intended) is that we spent millions of years getting OUT of the ocean, and besides out of necessity for travel and food we don’t have a great reason to go swimming in it. So don’t get me wrong: the sea is a poet’s dream, an awesome reminder of nature’s power and beauty, and the source of endless marvels of life. I respect it just fine, but it’s definitely not my favorite destination.

Pen and ink on paper. I should also mention that I didn’t use any reference for the sea creatures here because I think it’s my impression of the dislike that’s important, not the accuracy of it.

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