Illustration Friday: Identical

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Well, here’s another Illustration Friday piece. The subject this time is “Identical.”

I chose to do an update of The Prince and The Pauper for this piece, intentionally limiting the palette because I don’t do that sort of thing very often.  This piece was originally sketched out in pencil and inked & colored using Photoshop. The outlines were done with Ray Frenden’s Experimental Inker (a blessing for those of us who can’t paint a line worth a darn in PS, which is probably a lot of people) and used digital brushes from Chris Wahl’s generously-stocked repository of free brushes. Just in case you wanted one more link, here’s Project Gutenberg’s copy of The Prince and The Pauper.

The original, physical drawing placed the boys in the opposite spots that they are now. My initial idea was to have the Prince preening in a mirror, but it made the Prince seem a little too unfriendly. Swapping their places so that they faced each other suddenly lightened the whole situation, even if the Pauper isn’t thrilled with the Prince’s starched collar.

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  1. Brandi Powell
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    Great take on this theme and I love the limited palette. I am a letterpress printer so being that I have to pay for a plate for every color I use – I am a huge fan of limited palettes. Most of my more detailed illustration work is full color so I get to “go at it” when I do those pieces BUT I am always a fan of a good limited palette!


    PS – thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

    • Glen
      | Reply

      Thanks! When I color I often paint as the colors would appear under bright sunlight. The limited palette really helps me rethink my color strategies.

  2. Laurie Conley
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    Great idea for this week’s theme! I really like the choice of limited colors and the texture is just right. The expressions and body language of the boys are great too.

    • Glen
      | Reply

      Thank you! It was fun trying to imagine how each boy would react to the other’s outfit, especially how the Prince tucks his t-shirt into his shorts.

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