Internet! Sweet Internet!

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Well, here I am in the local library, using the internet connection here in lieu of the one that was taken from my household after Hurricane Sandy struck. Thankfully it was the only thing that was lost during the storm (aside from power… 68 hours with no power, not that we were counting…) and I have to admit while it’s good to have the internet back I realized I sure wasted a lot of time on it. Anyway, until I figure out a schedule for updating I’m probably going to find an alternate way of posting artwork, possibly on Twitter. I do love updating the blog but scanning my work at home, sizing it to fit, copying it to my netbook and then uploading it at the library is a little more than I bargained for.

Anyway, all is relatively well and I’m dreading the Nor’Easter that will mess up the rest of the week. Uh, go vote USA!

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