Rovias Preview

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RoviasPreviewHere’s a preview of my next piece, a continuation of the series I started with “The Princess.” I’m not paying as much attention to lighting and shading with this piece, which should result in a flatter, more graphic style.

Also, I must have the best girlfriend in the world because she got me a Christmas gift that appeals to both my inner gamer and my outer design nerd: a typeface memory game.

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  1. Nick Patton
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    That is a sweet gift! A typeface memory game would be fun to have in the studio. Though I doubt anyone would be brave enough to challenge me.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Keep it up!

    • Glen
      | Reply

      It’s a pretty difficult game when it comes to the lighter weights. Some of the faces are obvious, like Zapfino, but when it comes to sorting Akzidenz-Grotesk and Univers, it gets difficult.

      The Rovias piece is coming along nicely, especially after my three weeks of redesigning my sites to make them look the way I want them to.

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