Worldbuilding and You

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Coinneach "Ken" Croskey
Coinneach “Ken” Croskey

A multi-angled project I’ve been working on between jobs has been the identity and establishment of Croskey Manufacturing Corporation. It’s, in short, a provider of custom wrought ironwork and hardware manufacturer that’s been around since the early 20th century. I’m proud of it on many levels: not only was it an opportunity to cut loose and just do some basic logo designing, it was a chance to do some research and exercise some skills. The good news is that I’m getting to some points where I can start showing off the work, which is exciting.

Working on this project built a world that turned out to be much bigger and detailed than I’d planned, and thankfully keeps my skills up. Remember this post? It’s a map of the fictional world Croskey resides in, built in Illustrator. That portrait of Mr. Croskey was a quick sketch in Manga Studio 5. The company will have a basic identity built in InDesign and, I’m very happy to report, some CG interpretations of the logo constructed in Blender. Motion graphics are definitely a plan for the future, but I’m keeping things simple for now.

I’m hoping to roll out much of the work on this before 2014 is over, so here’s hoping.

Croskey logo
Croskey logo detail!

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