Random Pattern Generator

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For a project at work I had to generate some random binary strings. (Yes, that’s the fun of graphic design: you never know what you’ll get to research.) At first, I was just typing what I thought were random strings of 0s and 1s. I happen to know that humans seem to be bad at generating random patterns, but even with that knowledge I thought I could… you know… beat fate? So I started hammering out 0s and 1s. After a few minutes of this, I got tired and instead turned to a random binary generator and popped the computer-generated numbers in the remaining lines. The funny thing was (and maybe it was because I created it) I could tell where the random strings started and where I left off. Can you tell? Look below. You may need to blur your vision to be able to see it.

Random Pattern 1

Can you tell? Look below for the answer.

Random Pattern 2

And in case you think I’m just making this up, check out the Gaussian-blurred version.

Random Pattern 3

And if you still think I’m full of it, maybe I’m just seeing things?

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