Inktober 2016

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Well, everybody, it’s that time of the year again: Inktober!

This is the third year I’m doing the project, and this time I actually have a plan. I’ll be populating a fantasy world which I’ve touched upon before: the “Aitos” world. I’m revisiting a few characters I created in past posts, but the majority will be new. The idea is to just do character portraits, which with any luck I’ll be coloring in the future, maybe in Chromatovember or something. (Totally just made that up.)

Perhaps most importantly, the updates will be taking place on my Tumblr site, hundreddrafts. I’m aiming to keep hundredconnector as a place for more finished work, while my daily stuff gets up on the Tumblr. So let’s all buckle up for the ride!


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