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Hundred Drafts

Developing a good habit is a lot of work. Every weekday, I try to fit an hour of drawing into my workday. This usually means about forty minutes of work at lunchtime, and about twenty minutes during my commute home. To reinforce this habit, I post the results online. The main site is on Instagram. If that’s not your cup of tea, there are mirrors on Tumblr and Facebook as well.

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Revisitation, Week 3

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Elevena in a more “mascot” role, which I think suits her. This idea is an “airplane decal,” with a touch of abstract texturing to bring the work more up to date.

This is a vector work, produced mostly in Illustrator, then transferred over to Photoshop to do the texturing work. I’m more comfortable in vector work, and I like the way this work came out, for the most part. The original sketch and the full-size artwork are below.

Revisitation, Week 2

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The concept is that as a 1930s aviatrix, Elevena has some lofty goals and a lot of challenges to overcome. But she is ever optimistic about flying high among the clouds, which makes her an almost perfect mascot for “Revisitation.”

I say “almost” because right after I’d posted the concept sketch last week, I realized that unlike a dancer or athlete, pilots don’t have quite as many dramatic full-body poses to choose from. I figured a standing pose would be enough to get the general idea across. Her outfit is a fashionable (read: impractical) aviator’s outfit, and something that didn’t come across as clearly as I would have liked is that her scarf forms a “XI” shape… “XI” being “eleven” in Roman numerals, of course.

The work was originally sketched and cleaned up on paper using pencil, digitally inked in Adobe Illustrator, and colored in Adobe Photoshop.

Revisitation, Week 1

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So starts the first week of “Revisitation,” my New Year’s resolution for 2011. Each week, I’ll post a new drawing based on a redesign of characters I created for stories I created in college, high school, and even further back. In doing so, it’ll help in terms of character design and development, as well as general draftsmanship skills. There’s a whole schedule ready to be done (with breaks built in, of course!) so I guess there’s nothing else but to sit down and do it!

I thought I’d start off with a new symbol of the entire project, and hastily came up with this character: Elevena. Aside from the obvious reference to 2011, the idea is that she’s a throwback to a past and also an exciting leap forward. So I thought the idea of a late-1930s aviatrix summed that up fairly well, and it had the added bonus of making me do research! So most of the equipment seen here is ornamental and not historically accurate, though I will of course take liberties as is visually necessary.

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