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Hundred Drafts

Developing a good habit is a lot of work. Every weekday, I try to fit an hour of drawing into my workday. This usually means about forty minutes of work at lunchtime, and about twenty minutes during my commute home. To reinforce this habit, I post the results online. The main site is on Instagram. If that’s not your cup of tea, there are mirrors on Tumblr and Facebook as well.

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Random Pattern Generator

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For a project at work I had to generate some random binary strings. (Yes, that’s the fun of graphic design: you never know what you’ll get to research.) At first, I was just typing what I thought were random strings of 0s and 1s. I happen to know that humans seem to be bad at generating random patterns, but even with that knowledge I thought I could… you know… beat fate? So I started hammering out 0s and 1s. After a few minutes of this, I got tired and instead turned to a random binary generator and popped the computer-generated numbers in the remaining lines. The funny thing was (and maybe it was because I created it) I could tell where the random strings started and where I left off. Can you tell? Look below. You may need to blur your vision to be able to see it.

Random Pattern 1

Can you tell? Look below for the answer.

Random Pattern 2

And in case you think I’m just making this up, check out the Gaussian-blurred version.

Random Pattern 3

And if you still think I’m full of it, maybe I’m just seeing things?

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